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Milk thistle, friend or foe?

True or False?
1) Milk Thistle protects the liver.
2) The liver needs protecting.
3) Up to 25% of the liver can be removed and it will still grow back.
4) Taking Milk Thistle can make you and your liver worse.
5) Like a muscle, the liver needs to be active and worked to be effective.
6) Milk Thistle is the #1 herb on the planet for liver issues.
7) The biggest mistake people make when doing anything for their liver, is to use Milk Thistle.
8) Milk Thistle is without question the worst herb now being used for liver issues.
9) Milk Thistle does the exact opposite of what an herb should do to help the liver.
10) Use of Milk Thistle could make you sick or sicker.
11) Milk Thistle supports the structure and function of the liver.

The answers to the above questions are: #1 True, #2 False, #3 True, #4 True, #5 True, #6 False, #7 True, #8 True, #9 True, #10 True and #11 False.

If you have not fainted yet, read on.

The use Milk Thistle has been well documented and accepted as common knowledge for centuries. Milk Thistle is a liver protector, which is why it is a failure. It is also the reason why people use it. Confused? Apparently, someone in history noted (with some amazement), that Milk Thistle "walls off" the liver. His observation may have gone no further or he may have also noted that this "walling off" response was not optimum for the body.

Over time, all that remains of any observation he made, is the one line "Milk Thistle is a liver protector." That line sounds impressive doesn't it?

By protecting the liver, Milk Thistle prevents the liver from doing its only job. The job of the liver is to protect you. It also has a self protection mechanism. It can repair up to 25% of the damage it receives. That is like cutting off a leg and growing a new one.

The liver's job is to meet and greet everything we come in contact with (good or bad). Through chemistry, the liver then determines what it is, marries it up with a molecule or conjugates it for safety. Once rendered safe foreign matter can either be used by, or kicked out of the body.

But, if the liver is not allowed to do its job, (by our stepping in and overriding it), then all sorts of havoc can result. Imagine unfiltered material floating through your system. If you use Milk Thistle that is what is happening. Milk thistle reduces the action of the liver by 75 to 80 percent. When this happens the body tries to alert us by giving us symptoms such as pain, low energy, foggy thinking, discomfort, moods, depression or lack of sleep.

The solution to free floating unresolved matter in the body is absorption. The body isolates the dangerous matter in an attempt to damage control the problem. Soon, the waste matter is suspended in our fatty tissue, muscle tissue etc, where it remains. This "storing" also impedes weight loss attempts as the fatty tissue (where the dangerous material is) will not break down. The unresolved material marbles the fat in the body making it (the fat) unsafe to break down (i.e. the body will not self destruct).

To summarize:
1) Milk Thistle builds a wall around the liver preventing it from doing 75 to 80 percent of its job.
2) Up to 25% of your liver can be damage or removed and it will still grow back. That is like cutting off a leg, a lot of room for error there.
3) To prevent damage, the body captures and stores foreign matter that the liver can't process.
4) The body tries to warn us of liver overwhelm, by giving us symptoms, pain, low energy, foggy thinking, discomfort, moods, depression or lack of sleep.
5) Our body becomes a storehouse of dangerous material and unused food. This causes us to stay fat. As the body will not release unfit material to its system unless forced to.

What good can be said about Milk Thistle? At least it is not controlled by the government and force fed to us.

In conclusion, we are not saying to damage your liver since it can fix itself. We are saying that, wearing your clothes over your raincoat is just backwards.

The liver is one tough organ and is made better than your car or washing machine. When was the last time your car fixed it's own paint, door ding or broken window?

Finally, imagine you have hired a bodyguard for protection. Now imagine you are out one night and you and your bodyguard decide to get money at the ATM. As you receive your cash, a big scruffy guy walks up, shoves a gun up your nose and demands all of your money, now.

You look around and you see your bodyguard listening to music while getting a massage (totally oblivious to your situation). If you are taking Milk Thistle, your bodyguard is in a deep sleep.

Therefore, do not, do not, use Milk Thistle. Should you want to research this yourself (and we hope you do), go ahead. Please, prove this article wrong.

Be our guest.

If you want to avoid the agony, read the information on Liver Balance Plus at this site. You will then discover the product designed to support the structure and function of your liver. Your liver is well made. If you give it what it needs and let it do it's job, it will be happy, and so will you.


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