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(Ancient Technique of Face Reading)

Interpreting what you see

Fact The face should be smooth without wrinkles, scaring, moles, flaking, redness or dry areas regardless of age.

Fact Each part of the face represents an organ.

Fact Face reading reveals potential problems or existing problems of our organs.

To take the Self Evaluation Test, do the following:

  1. Get a mirror and bring it back with you to your computer screen.
  2. Make there is lots of light in the room (lots of light to see your face clearly).
  3. Relax your face (do not smile or make a face or faces).
  4. Look at your face.
  5. Look under each eye. Do you see bags, dark circles, wrinkling, growths, discoloration or puffiness? This indicates that your kidneys are a problem. The area underneath your right eye represents your right kidney. The area underneath your left eye represents your left kidney.
  6. Look over the other areas of the chart on your computer screen and compare those areas to your face.
  7. You have just dipped your little piggy toe into the subject of diagnostic face reading. Would you like to be an expert at it?

For those who want to be expert face readers, or just to fully grasp the scope of the subject, get a copy of Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You.

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Note: Ear lobes represent the heart, a vertical crease on either lobe calls it into question.

This chart will improve your awareness and may assist you
or a loved one in staying healthy.

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new Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holisitic You Book
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