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Colon Program

One Month Supply

Colon Program
Price: $25.95


There are many, many people who are constipated (having less than 1 elimination per meal). Many want nothing more than a remedy to that problem. Over the years, The Colon Formula has been used as a remedy for this symptom. The word "symptom" was chosen because constipation is a symptom. It may be a symptom that only has 4 contributing factors to it and is easily remedied or it could have 10 or 15 factors, including environment, job, diet, etc.The better you are at discovering your keys to good health, the more likely it will be that you are in the "Colon Formula is all I need to feel good" group. Generally no one needs to take our Colon Formula for more than 3 months. But, the mystery of health is a complex one, so if you need more than the usual 3 months, so be it. Don't be surprised if we try to help you through water, diet and other supplements, so that you do not feel the need to live on The Colon Formula.

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