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Heart & Lung Plus

One Month Supply

Heart & Lung Plus
Price: $38.95


Most of the time you are blissfully unaware of your hearts ceaseless activity. Nearly 100,000 beats per day, or about 37 million beats a year, or 3.7 billion beats in a life time. This fist-sized, powerhouse muscle, works 24/7, pumping 5-6 quarts of blood a minute, or about 2,000 gallons per day, it carries oxygen and nutrients to the body's tissues, then picks up the body's waste products and removes them, preventing harm to the sensitive cells, tissues & organs of the body.

Do Your Job

There it is, day in and day out, silently doing it's job… keeping you alive. Your heart asks very little of you, except that you do your job. Keep it healthy, so it can go on doing it's job. Give it the nutrients, proteins, and the herbs that support it's structure and function. Your heart will thank you for it, and so will your family. Give it Heart & Lung Plus today.

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