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Para Cleanse

One Month Supply

Para Cleanse
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Don't Let What You Can't See Hurt You!

The "Black Plague" ravaged Medieval Europe and killed 25 million people in just 5 years (1347 to 1352). The "Plague" was caused by a single cell parasite called Yersinia Pestis. You've heard the children's rhyme, "Ring around the rosy (sign of the plague on the skin) pocket full of Posies (to hide the sent of death), ashes, ashes, (the corpses had to be burned) we all fall down (everyone died)".

There were 2 forms of "Plague", Bubonic Plague (death rate, 30-75%) & Pneumonic Plague (death rate 90-95%). Spread to humans by the Oriental Rat Flea, it took 1-7 days for plague signs to become visible. Death came 24 hours later.

Today microscopic parasitic organisms invade our bodies either by contact on the skin or via oral ingestion. A parasite derives itís food and nutrition from you the host. Toxoplasmosis can easily be spread from cats to humans and is carried by 40% of all cats and 35% of the U.S. population. As per Science News by J. Raloff.

It's important to periodically rid the body of parasites.

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