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Para Cleanse & Colon Program

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Para Cleanse & Colon Program
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Para Cleanse

Para Cleanse is a remarkable blending of Eastern and Western herbs. Many think it is the most effective product of it's type. If you compare other products in its category to it, you will find a vast difference.

Always use a colon formula (ideally Colon Booster) with Para Cleanse as the garbage must be taken out or it backs up.

Colon Booster

Odd as it may sound some find Colon Booster (used separately) mild, yet others find it aggressive. Generally if you find either extreme the case use less or more of the product accordingly.

Colon Booster is a unique blend of herbs not found in other products. The Para Cleanse was created to be used with Colon Booster. Together, they are very strong. For many when they are separated they are much weaker.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an alternative to our Colon Formula, Colon Booster may be the perfect fit.

Supplement Info:

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